image Top place to stay in Bristol – UK

Brooks Guest House Bristol is a Boutique Bed and Breakfast in the Heart of the city. It has King doubles, standard doubles, twins and triples and to top it off on the roof it has 4 caravans.

These retro rockets are amazing, I never knew they were here but they give excellent views of the city and the famous St Nicholas market and they are so quirky. The 18ft & 20ft retro rockets priced at £90-£149 per night would be a great alternative to staying in a boring bedroom when staying in Bristol.


The hotel is so fresh and clean with looking original décor. The downstairs bathroom has wallpaper with felt dogs on which I had never seen before and loved, the lift was decorated like a library, the triple room has hooks instead of wardrobes to save space, a great idea and also a bedside table that lifts up and turns into a vanity dressing table.

As mentioned there is a lift but it only goes up to the 1st and 2nd floors so unfortunately people with mobility issues won’t be able to see the wonderful rockets or view on the roof.

The dining area is so inviting with an open place kitchen and an excellent breakfast menu. It has an honesty bar menu where you can try the Pengethley wine which is made in the vineyards of the Pengethley Manor estate which is the location of the new Brooks Hotel in Hereford.

Its location is great in the middle of the city close to all the wonderful bars and restaurants that the city has to offer. Also its close to the hippodrome if you are going to watch a show.

The hotel is part of a four hotel family, the other locations being Bath, Hereford and Edinburgh and I just hope I get the chance to stay in all of them in the future.


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  1. Such a truly extraordinary place. It does what it says on the tin – a 5 star feel with 3 star (or less) prices. I was so utterly impressed with the place and it was so lovely to spend the evening with you xx

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