aside Bristol Bloggers influence meet up 30/6/16

 I’ve lived in Bristol 16 years and I hardly know anything about my home town, one of the most interesting things I found out last night was there is a hotel with caravans on the roof in the centre of Bristol.

How did I not know this and what an unusual place to stay?

I was lucky enough to be invited by Carla Brooks as part of the Bristol Bloggers influence group and we had a wonderful evening drinking wine, eating cheese and checking out caravans on the roof, what a better way to spend a Thursday evening lol. The wine was from the vineyard at their new hotel in Hereford and it was very tasty.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m feeling a bit more confident with this group or if it was the wine that was flowing but it seemed to be a more relaxed meet up and I met and talked to some amazing bloggers that I cannot wait to meet again to share and discuss ideas. Had a great chat with Liska from new mum online, Becky from the owlet and Giulia from blocal blog


We were shown a triple room which was so fresh looking and looked so inviting I really wanted to curl up on one of the beds but think the other bloggers might have thought I was crazy. The room didn’t have wardrobes but hooks along two of the walls which was different but such a space saving idea especially if there was going to be three bodies in the room.

The bedside table opened up into a vanity table which was such a quirky idea I loved it.

When we went up on the roof and saw the 4 silver caravans I immediately fell in love with this idea and also the view of Bristol from the roof was incredible.

A poor guest came out of his caravan at the wrong time to find 10 bloggers outside and we asked if we could have a nosey. Now if that had been me I would have said no as it would have been messy but this guy was very clean. The caravans look amazing inside.

I wish I was spending the night as the breakfast menu looked delicious, I liked the fact that it was an open plan kitchen and I should imagine it would have been a really enjoyable breakfast experience.

There is an honesty bar which you don’t come across often

It was such a beautiful hotel I hope that I get to visit one of their others in Hereford or Edinburgh really soon, maybe we should organise a Bristol bloggers weekend away!!!


  1. I came and commented a long comment the other day but on my phone and lost the whole thing. So glad I did as I went down the road of looking at American Airstreams as a result of the comment above. SO interesting.
    Anyway this was a great event and I was so happy to spend the evening chatting with you. See you again soon xx

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