image Review of Marco Polo CMV

Cruise ship review

Cruise ship company: Cruise and Maritime
Cruise ship name: Marco Polo
No of passengers: 850 (30 solo passengers)
Average age of passengers: 65-70
Crew: 365 about 60 women
Destinations: Ponta Delgada – Azores, St Johns – Antigua, Road Town – Tortola, Gustavia – St Barts, Philipsburg – St Maarten, St Kitts, St Lucia, Kingstown – St Vincent’s, Bequia – Grenadines, Mayreau – St Vincent’s, Scarborough – Tobago, St George – Granada, Bridgetown Barbados, Funchal – Madeira, Lisbon – Portugal
Duration: 32 nights
Cabin number and location: 629 mid ship deck 9 nearer the front of the ship. I liked the location
Price I paid: £3699


There are three dining areas, the Waldorf restaurant, the Marco Polo Bistro and the Pool Deck Grill. The dining areas are clean but it is difficult to get a table in the bistro at some times of the day. It is quite a small area; they do have outside seating though only if the weather is ok.
At lunch times I varied where I would eat depending on what mood as I was in, as if I didn’t want to talk to anyone I wouldn’t go into the Waldorf as there was nothing worse than sitting on a table with someone who isn’t joining in the conversation. Sometimes I got my food from the bistro and took it back to my room as this was easier than trying to find a table.

Tip: If eating alone take a scarf to put on your chair so if you get up to get some more food people won’t sit in your seat.

The choice of food is limited compared to other cruise liners. On the rare occasions (excuse the pun) that beef was served e.g. beef wellington or steak no one was asked how they liked it cooked and it came well done and tough. Nothing seems to be repeated on the menu but it all seems to taste the same if that makes sense.

They put out smaller portions in the self-service bistro but they are regularly monitoring when they are running low and stock up, which is great for hygiene reasons.
They have a different soup of the day that are fresh and tasty they even make their own bread rolls. They have salad options and vegetarian though it’s not vast but neither are any other options but I did always manage to find something I liked on the menu.

I was on the ship for a 32-night cruise and the food seemed to have lost its quality as the days went by. At first there was delicious thick cut bacon for breakfast but after a week or so it went to the slimy American style bacon that was quite hard to eat and I have all my own teeth so god knows how people with dentures got on with it.

The food is either overcooked or really bland. The hash browns are so well cooked that there is no hash left in rock hard greasy brown coating.

The desserts are nothing to write home about in fact out of all the days I think I have only come across three desserts that were nice and I’m a chocolate lover so normally anything with chocolate in will be good but not on here. They had a chocolate buffet which was spectacular to look at but didn’t quite do it for my chocolate tooth.

The food is a real let down which is a shame as it’s a deciding factor for me whether to go on the cruise lines again, But everything else made up for it.

There were a number of drink packages available although they seemed quite costly lots of people were purchasing them. I however didn’t think the all-inclusive option would have been cost effective for me. It was £17 a day which is ok at first but I think it would encourage me to drink more as I would want to be getting my money’s worth. This would have been a total of £544 and my bar bill was £200 so it was the right choice not to purchase. Though I could have easily of had a few more of the cocktails each night as they were delicious.

Overall rating for food ***


I was happy with the size of my cabin (629 single deck 9). When I first arrived I thought it seemed quite small but cabins are never huge on a ships anyway unless you have a suite. The thing that was strange was according to the deck plan I was in a solo cabin but I had two single beds, was this in case I meet a friend along the way.

Storage space is limited, its ok for a solo traveller but I have heard other complaining there isn’t enough when there are two in the cabin. Passengers were keeping clothes in the suitcase under the beds. Although I visited a few cabins on different floors and they had lots more storage space.

The bathroom is adequate though the water pressure wasn’t great in my cabin, but you are encouraged to conserve water so no long showers plus its either really hot or really cold so you want to be quickly in and out.

One good thing not sure if it’s just the location of my room but I didn’t hear the showers running or the flushing of toilets from other cabins as this has sometimes been a problem on other cruise ships.

The beds are really comfortable with a thin duvet, decent quality pillows and non-scratchy sheets. I slept so well in fact I wanted to sleep so much as it was very comfortable along with the rocking of the ship.

The room doesn’t have little touches like sweets, chocolates on your pillows, fresh flowers or towels made into animal but it’s a decent nights’ sleep. We got Easter eggs during our cruise which was so nice everyone liked this gesture.

There is a TV in the room which has 3 film channels, 2 TV channels but these loose connections when you out at sea, the ships channel so you can see the cameras on ship and nautical information and a ships DVD channel which they are filming throughout the cruise. But to be honest at £59 the DVD is really expensive as it isn’t the best quality of filming but some people did purchase it.

I was lucky to have an unobstructed window, I think I was on the best deck though I haven’t slept on any others to compare, it was definitely the best location for me. I didn’t hear any noise from the show lounge or the bars. Sometimes when a show was on in Captains bar, which was directly under my cabin, I could hear it but this didn’t happen often and if it did I was mostly listening to it in the bar rather than my cabin anyway.

Sometimes there was a smell of diesel but it didn’t cause me any problems. The temperature in the room is controlled by a panel on the wall. When we first got on board it was freezing even if you altered this, the whole ship was very cold but it warmed up after a day or two.

There is a hairdryer but it’s something out of the dark ages and not very powerful so don’t expect much.

There are two tumbler glasses in your room, no drink making facilities although you can get tea and coffee 6am-12am and as its quite a small ship it doesn’t take that long to get to the bistro.

Towels and beach towels are provided, they’re not super soft they do the job but if you like comfort bring your own.

My cabin steward wasn’t very friendly but she did a good job and kept the cabin clean though I did get into trouble by removing a tumbler glass from my cabin when I went for dinner and as it got quite rough whist I was there I didn’t risk bringing it back as I needed both hands for balance, I was told to go and find it and it wasn’t replaced by her for the remaining days of the cruise.

There is a speaker system in your room which you can turn off but even the one in the corridor is loud and will definitely wake you up if you want a lie in. The cruise director made 3 daily announcements of the entertainment. Some people liked this as it woke them up just before 9am and used it as an alarm clock but there is a daily programme delivered to rooms so I really don’t think this is necessary unless there are changes to the plan. If people have difficulty and can’t read the programme it is also in reception so they could ask for assistance there to be honest it was quite irritating three times a day.

I saw some other cabins one which was a suite and quite large I would definitely like to stay in one if it’s not too expensive as it’s not worth paying too much more. Unfortunately, no cabins have balconies but there is plenty of deck space to sit out on.

Overall rating ****


The entertainment is quite varied, I was on board on for 32 nights and no show was repeated. Not all of it has been to my taste and I didn’t attend the evening show every night but what I did see was enjoyable. It’s not the west end and they are not the best of singers or dancers but because of their bubbly personalities it makes up for it. By the end of the cruise you feel as though it’s your friends dancing and singing for you.
I was on 1st sitting and the timing worked out well as after dinner we had time for a drink before the evening show, then a gameshow, then cabaret.

My favourite night was the crew party. It was mentioned that guests were welcome but the music might not be to everyone taste. The music was brilliant it was modern and got people up dancing it was a great night.

A local school for handicapped children came on board and played some steel drums to raise some funds towards rebuilding their school. The passengers made donations and nearly £2000 was.

There were three guest acts but they were male comedians and to me they seemed too much like each other. I think it should be mixed up a bit and have more variety.

There are lots to do during the sea days (what to do on Marco polo)
They had a few themed nights, a good one was the pirate evening. At dinner all the servers came out dressed a pirates which was fun. They had a pirate show on deck where the hostess manager was rescued from pirates by the captain all a bit of fun. They had a boat race where you betted on a number which was a member of the entertainment staff and two dice were rolled and each time their number came up they moved forward. I won £7 from a £1 bet not bad. They had other themes such a Greek toga night and St Patricks night.

Overall rating ****


My evening waiter in the Waldorf was very good he was attentive and polite and all the crew worked so hard to make it as enjoyable as possible. In general, the bar waiters and waitresses were quite friendly and a lot of them liked a bit of banter.
Lovely jubbly, the Indian delboy was the entertainment as he made the omelettes for breakfast or worked in the pool grill at lunch time.

The crew are generally really friendly though I think towards the end of the cruise they were either getting tired or something had upset them as they got a bit snappy and started to look miserable. I asked for a glass of water and got the filthiest look and then got the glass slammed down on the table and others noticed it not just me or my group.

Overall rating *****


If the price and the destinations are what I want, then I would possibly return to this ship though it wouldn’t be my first choice unless the food improved a lot. The passengers were mainly English and the ship reflected this with all its entertainment and information being in English.

Some people complained right from the beginning and were not happy with the size of the ship but it’s clear from the beginning that it’s going to be small. One of the best comments were “it’s the smallest cabin we have ever had, we normally get nice sized rooms as we go for suites” well that the reason then…….

There are two shops a duty free shop and a general shop that sells a small collection of books or clothes. It had one flavour of crisp paprika and small selection of chocolate but to be honest at £7.99 for a bag of M&Ms I can hold of my chocolate cravings.

They offer a free tour of the bridge which is very informative and interesting. Other cruise lines I have been on charge for this so this is a plus point. There was a special meal you could purchase that also included a tour of the galley I would have done this but I didn’t like the food that was on offer.

They have meet up for solo travellers, one coffee morning and two lunches. They did say they would arrange a meeting point for solo travellers when in dock but they never did or if they did I wasn’t aware. This is not a lot of meetups considering it was a 32-night cruise lots of the solo passengers were complaining about the lack of support. I was lucky that I get on really well with my dinner table and met them regularly but some other solo passengers were finding it quite a lonely experience.

The daily programme is informative and if there were any changes to the schedule these were announced over the tannoy system. I liked the fact that each day gave you a biography of a different member of staff. Also the port information is excellent a two-page document giving you essential information for when we docked.

Gratuities: £4 per day
Drinks: lots to choose from, good prices, no hidden costs
Excursions: quite reasonably priced and the ones I did were well planned and enjoyable
Internet: Didn’t purchase, heard reports that it was slow


  1. Chuckled at the thought of people with dentures eating the bacon! Great write up – paid such attention to detail and it felt like I was there right along with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve never been or, or even considered going on a cruise, but this was useful for me to get an idea of what it would really be like. The room might seem tiny to some, but I actually like it, and it’s great that you got one with a view!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That is a great tip about the scarf. I have only been on one cruise. The dinner was delicious but other than that, the food during the day was not too impressive for us.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have never been on a cruise and I am not sure I will choose one too soon. There are a lot of things to take into consideration on this kind of trips. However, the chocolate stuff looks nice, too bad it didn’t taste good

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This the first time I am reading a review of the cruise. Did you make any friends there? I would have liked to had I gone there. But, I am sure you would have found alternate ways of entertaining yourself. Can you follow my blog, please? Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is a thorough and detailed review and you have covered all the essentials. I appreciate your frankness as it definitely sets the right expectations with the readers. But hope you still had some amazing experience on the 32 day cruise.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I wish I could travel on such cruise ships . Just never get a chance as a part time travel blogger . They are in spacious dates and needs so much time off from work – informative blog – thank s

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I would really love to go on a cruise. I’ve never been! I hear they can be tricky for a solo traveler. But I’m not sure I could go on this one unless the food were better. I just adore eating!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. It’s nice to read such an honest review! You managed to talk about the experience without sounding like someone in sales, so thank you! I’ve only ever been on one cruise, and it was an experience I’d love to repeat.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. This is amazing, Linda! I haven’t joined a cruise in my life, and I’m wondering if it is for me. Issues like seasickness, big waves, and other extreme cases bug my mind. But looking at it, cruise is something I should accomplish before I retire from traveling.

    Liked by 1 person

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