image 10 tips for cruising

1. Get a card lanyard
You can carry your ship card around your neck. You will need to take it everywhere with you and I’m continuously loosing which pocket it is in. They sell them on the ship or you can get one before you go, I got mine from amazon.
2. Be polite to the staff
Your likely to encounter them often especially if you’re on a long cruise and they will remember bad manners
3. Look at port excursions before you go
I do this so I can plan what you want to do. On board excursions are more expensive but you have the certainty that they will get you back to the ship on time. I look at beforehand compare with what the ship is offering. If a port offers the hop on buses I tend to do those as you get to see most things.
4. Take your medications
Ensure you take any medications you may require as seeing the ship doctor can be very expensive. I make sure I have my prescribed meds, paracetamol, plasters and sea sickness pills just in case.
5. Be safe when you go off
Locals know when cruise ships are in port and some (not all) do want to rip you off so be careful and vigilant.
6. Pay what you think is right for you
If a cruise is popular and in high demand, it’s likely that the prices are going to be higher. If you really want to do a particular itinerary or have a particular cabin, then book as early as possible otherwise being more flexible can sometimes pay off as they reduce the prices to get rid of the cabins.
7. Don’t listen to the horror stories
I have a severe phobia of being sick or seeing someone be sick so for years I never wanted to go on a cruise as I kept hearing about the sickness outbreaks and it terrified me. I must admit on my second cruise there was an outbreak and I said I would never cruise again but then when I got back on dry land I reflected on how well the ship dealt with the situation and a few months later I was booking my next cruise.
8. Research the ship
Cruise ships are very different from each other so bear this in mind. If you don’t like kids screaming and running around don’t book in the school holidays or choose ships that are adult only. Some liners are themed such as dancing or even antiques (see for types of themed cruises) . Also the size of ship could make the difference, are smaller ships better as they are more personal or would you prefer a larger ship so you don’t bump into the same people all the time, everyone has different preferences.
9. Think about the time of the year
If you are a beach lover and want to chill in your shorts and t-shirts in the med, then don’t choose to go in December when it’s going to be cooler. Again if you don’t like the heat and crowds don’t choose to go in August. If your wanting to see a particular thing such as the northern lights, make sure you are going at the time of the year when these are likely to appear.
10. Read the daily programme
It will have any important information you need and also what is happening on that day.

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