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Diary 32 night West Indies cruise week 2

Diary 32-night West Indies cruise week1

Day 15 Sunday 13th March St Kitts

I did the scenic railway tour it was quite pricy at £59 but it was fun. They pick you up from the port in a bus to take you to the railway, our tour guide was calling himself Mel Gibson. He was very informative and told us lots of things about the island. Unfortunately, it was raining and quite grey so I’m sure it’s a lot prettier in the sunshine.
The train which was a double decker, the top being open sided but as it was still raining heavy everyone was cramming in to the bottom deck. It was a complimentary bar though only offered two drinks maybe if you want more you could have asked I’m not sure. Lots on offer water, coke, sprite, rum punch, strawberry and mango Dakari’s. At one point of the tour they handed out a local delicacy which was biscuit made of coconut, sugar and spices I didn’t try it as I’m not a fan of coconut.

It was a good tour they have a choir on board though not the best it was ok. The tour guide was friendly and offered good information there was lots to see, we went through local villages and saw monkeys. We went past where the Atlantic sea meets the Caribbean. The Atlantic being a lot rougher and advised not to swim in it but good for water sports and the Caribbean being nice and calm, great for bathing.

They had walls made from derelict cars it was like a barrier of cars put up by the side of the railway line which was a bit strange and looks like a scrap yard. This island only looks half finished with buildings currently having their second layer added.

1.5 hours and 18 miles later we got back on the bus for the remaining 12 miles to get back to the ship. We went through some more local village that had little shacks for houses. It was Sunday and as the island is very religious we saw lots of people in their Sunday best coming out of church we also saw a lot of people just sitting on their front porches watching the world go by.

When we got dropped off at the port I noticed a supermarket so I walked back to it to get some water. It was quite a strange supermarket very dark suppose that’s to keep it cool but it smelt rank so I just got my water and left. There were a few locals sat outside the market and I felt quite intimidated as they were all staring and asking for spare dollars so I walked closely next to a couple from my ship to feel a bit safer. There were quite a few shops here but most were closed our tour guide did say that not many things were open on a Sunday so I’m not sure if it would be more lively if it was a different day of the week.

Tonight was the Out of Africa show. It was really good they did a few songs I recognised from Lion King and even Lee the cruise director took part, it was nice as we haven’t seen him perform yet.
The game show was call my bluff with African words, as usual the games are hilarious the entertainment team try so hard and it’s a great way to spend the evening with a nice cocktail too.

Day 16 Monday 14th March St Lucia

I did the splendour tour which is an island tour visiting the pink plantation house where you get a complimentary drink I think it was tamarind fruit juice I didn’t like it; it was like drinking sugar syrup.

I really wanted to fall in love with this island as it was a dream of mine to go to but to be honest the locals mither too much and it really put me off. I went for a walk and I wanted to go out of the port but felt quite intimidated so I turned right back round and went back to the dockside shop, it might have been because I was tired, on my own and hot and I just couldn’t be bothered to be pestered.

However, the island is very beautiful it seems more commercialised than the others apart from Antigua. It’s very mountainous you would definitely need a car if you were staying on the island. I only saw some black sand beach which always look dirty to me even though I know there not, I like a nice white sanded beach. The sea was beautiful though. They seem to dump a lot of their rubbish along the road sides so it looks really scruffy its needs a good tidy up.

We had some people on the tour that got a bit ripped off they paid 8US$ for two bananas and didn’t they moan I was like why did you pay it then, he said “I gave $10 and asked for $5 in change he gave me 2$” It’s best to handover smaller notes to street side vendors as they will try and say they have no change.

There were lots of bananas growing on the island apparently the sugar market wasn’t making any money so bananas took over. I hate bananas it was like a nightmare to me I was like please no one buy a banana and bring it on the bus and they bloody did but luckily no one ate one.

Day 17 Tuesday 15th March Kingstown St Vincent’s / Bequia Grenadines

We did a taxi tour of St Vincent’s went up in the hills and had amazing views.


We had to get on the ship early as we are off to Bequia, we have a sail away party out on deck where the entertainment team sing a few hits. It’s really hot out in the sun it’s gorgeous, I don’t want to leave.

Bequia is a tender operation and it seems to take ages to get off the ship. We finally get off about an hour after stopping and we go on another taxi tour. This time it’s like an open sided jeep so it’s really cool from the breeze. This island is so pretty. The taxi driver says he is going to take us where not many people go and pulls over picks his daughter up and drives up the hill to his house, picks his wife up and takes her back down to the shops but we don’t mind as we get more time exploring the island it cost us 7$ each.


This is the first island where we are there quite late so we go to a beach front bar and have a few beers to watch the sun set which was amazing. I end up talking to a guy that lives there originally from Canada and he told me not to tell anyone about the island as they don’t want it overrun by tourists so shhhhhhh………

Day 18 Wednesday 16th March Mayreau St Vincent’s

This is quite a small island private island we get off early and chill on the beach before the beach party starts, we got a great spot under a tree but I still got burnt. The weather is amazing and it’s like a dream just sitting there watching the boats go by. There was even a steel band.

The crew did a bbq on the beach and there was a bar to get a nice cold beer, the crew worked so hard in the heat getting the provisions off the boat. The ship had paid for the sun loungers which was a nice touch. The toilets were also ok which makes a change. There is little on the island apparently they don’t even have electricity but it all seemed very idyllic.

We came back about 1.30 as it was getting so hot and its good job I did as later in the day I realised I had caught the sun and any longer and I would have been in pain.
It was a tender operation again going over was ok but coming back the swell was getting quite high. It took them a while to rope the tender to the ship and it was going up and down quite a lot. The crew had hold of me when I got off and I’m glad as I did slip a little and because of their nice strong arms I was safe. And who doesn’t mind being grabbed by some hunky men!!!

Day 19 Thursday 17th March St Patricks day Scarborough Tobago

I went on a tour to see a local waterfall, it was a bit of a walk to get to it and I only just made it any further and I would have had to give up. It was quite slippy in places one lady fell and twisted her ankle. The waterfall was beautiful not as big as I thought but it is dry season so in the wet season it might be bigger.

You could swim in the pool at the bottom but you have to climb over rocks to get to it. I got half way and decided to turn around as I thought I would end up getting stuck as it was difficult. But others were managing it and some were even climbing up the side of the waterfall they are a lot braver than me. I just sat on a rock and paddled in the water it was really refreshing and quite cool in the rain forest I thought it would be really uncomfortable and humid.

Do remember bug spray as you will feel as though you are getting eaten. I forgot mine but luckily someone gave me some. I also wore long trousers and so did most other people.

There was some giant bamboo that had been brought over from Asia and it was growing rapidly. We didn’t see that many animals a few birds but they were quick so couldn’t make out what they were. I saw a lizard and lots of termites, I saw about three termite nests and felt really itchy.

I saw cocoa pods with the cocoa beans in and the shop were selling the beans for 5$ they are quite large about the size of a golf ball and really smell of chocolate. There were toilets there which though small were clean and you could buy t-shirts, fruit and drinks.
We then went to a fort which had a few cannons and great few of the island you could see Trinidad in the background. It was a beautiful island and if I were to visit again I would make sure I got to go to the Caribbean side apparently the best beach with the best facilitates was pigeon beach.

There were taxis waiting in the port and could take you on tours. There was also a subway and kfc.

Day 20 Friday 18th March St George Granada

Bit gutted that today was overcast and it showered a few times. I did a cruise tour that took us to a fort, a waterfall, planation and a dormant volcano. The island grows a lot of spices and you can smell them when we get to touristy places as they are trying to sell them.
We got a complimentary drink at the volcano I had a beer and there were two guys singing and playing music they were not the best but were making up as they went along as I passed they started singing about my golden hair and how pretty I was I still didn’t tip though as didn’t have any small notes with me.

A monkey ran across the carpark but I missed it and didn’t see any more think they were hiding from the rain.

At the plantation they gave a talk on the spices and let us smell and taste them. The cocoa beans are actually white inside and they look a bit like a peeled garlic clove. They have to ferment them before they can be used. The guide grates the finished product on my hand and it spelt like chocolate but was very bitter a bit like cocoa powder I guess it needs a lot of sugar to taste like what I’m used to.

They grow their own coffee on the island which I saw but they only really use it for their own consumption or sell as souvenirs as they don’t grow that much.
Granada was full of beautiful trees and spices but I didn’t see the white sandy beaches which I imaging to be everywhere so I will need to do that if I ever come here again. At the port there is a duty free shop and about a 5-minute walk there is a supermarket but it was getting too hot so I went back to the ship plus it was quite busy again with people mithering you for taxi rides or to buy things.

Day 21 Saturday 19th March Bridgetown Barbados

I went on the turtle snorkel tour and I’m glad I did because it’s such a big port and 6 other ships are docked at the same time plus we are leaving at 2pm so not much time to do anything on your own.
It was absolutely amazing and defiantly the highlight of my trip. At the first stop we only saw a couple of fish, no turtle, 2nd stop more fish no turtle then the third we saw the turtle. Only one but as it moved graciously, it was so close to me. They were throwing food to it but a big fish swum up and swiped it was nearly as big as the turtle.
It was great being on the catamaran plus the fact it was a free bar think I got a bit tiddly on the rum punch. I didn’t get chance to explore Barbados so I definitely need to go back one day but the beaches and sea were so beautiful.

Top tip though put sun cream on your back when snorkelling I burnt my back which I was later to regret.

To be continued……

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