image Diary 32 night West Indies cruise week 2

Week one of 32-night West Indies cruise

Day 8 Mothering Sunday 6th March sea day

It’s starting to get really warm now so I chilled on the deck. It’s still a few days before we hit the Caribbean  I’m getting excited. I love sea days though it’s such a great time to catch up on things that your normally too busy to do like reading and sleeping. The show tonight was a selection of classical melodies I didn’t go as not my thing though others were saying it was great.

Day 9 Monday 7th March sea day

I’m wide awake a 6 am so decide to go and watch the sun rise it’s so beautiful. People started putting their towels out at 6.45 we kept being told not to reserve beds but no one seems to be listening, it’s the start of the sunbed wars.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES
The sun is already shining so I chill on a sunbed whilst I’m waiting for breakfast. The sea air is lush; I love being on the sea I think I should have been a sailor I would have looked great in the uniform too. I sunbath until about 11.30 when it starts to get cloudy and a bit chilly.

Had lunch with a lovely couple, her husband was going to the exercise class belly blaster it says “fun exercise class from the comfort of your chair” it was only one star which means for beginners so thought I would go along oh my god what did I let myself in for. It wasn’t on chairs it was on the floor and no way was it 1 star and if it is then I’m really less fit than I thought. It was all sit up and things I tried my best think I did about half the class my favourite exercise was the one when he said “relax breath in breath out”.

Today’s daily programme had the biography of the doctor its calming to know that if anything happens there is a doctor on-board especially with my history but luckily I have never needed one. I later joke that I wonder how big the morgue is and I’m told “I don’t know but there’s 4 people in it” I’m not sure how true this was but I started looking out for the people I had been talking to and ticking them off if I saw them as still being alive.

Day 10 Tuesday 8th March sea day

There’s so much going on the ship that I need to go on another cruise and maritime ship so I can do what I missed have a look @ What you can do on Marco Polo

Day 11 Wednesday 9th March sea day

We’re nearly in the Caribbean so excited. I can’t wait for sun, white sanded beaches and crystal clear waters. Tonight was a pirate themed deck party it was lots of fun, even the waiters got involved by dressing up. I enjoyed the pirate show where the captain came and rescued the hostess manager.

There was a boat race where you bet on who was going to win, I won £7 well chuffed.

Day 12 Thursday St Johns Antigua

We have been at sea for 6 days and we didn’t see anything else not another ship, bird or even a fly, but now we have got to Antigua.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I was meeting the guys at 10am to explore but I got a bit bored of waiting so got off for a walkabout. It’s so amazing being in the Caribbean there is a huge Royal Caribbean ship also in dock that makes the Marco polo look tiny. There’s a steel band playing that makes it seem so authentic just how I imagined it to be. The weather is gorgeous not too hot and the sea is so green it’s amazing.

I bumped into Ruth and we haggled a price with a taxi driver to give us island tour and stop at beach for $18 down from $20 but when we got back to him  others were waiting in the truck so I said we want it cheaper now as you are taking others and got it to $15 but to be honest I think that’s the going rate anyway.

Our driver was called Rodney he was such a character. He stopped outside a house and said “this is where I was born my daddy still lives here” at which point an elderly gentleman blind in one eye comes out to say hello it was quite surreal. At our next stop he said my dad is 84 my youngest son is 22 my dad’s youngest son is 8. So at 76 he had another child he had 10 altogether. There are lots of schools on the island and this must be the reason if they are still fathering kids into the late 70s.

The first stop was the old sugar factories it looked like a scrap yard and I was like “this is where we get robbed” lol but it wasn’t a set up thankfully.

We went to see the view over Nelsons Dockyard, lots of beautiful expensive yachts I’m gonna get one or maybe even two. We stop at Dark Wood beach which was beautiful the sea was ice blue. One of the ladies with me decides she wants to paddle and runs off into the sea still fully clothed and with her bag next thing the tide whips her feet from under her and she’s flapping around, lost her bag, lost her shoes everything starts falling out of the bag. Her sister goes in to save her and gets knocked onto her bum as well. It was hilarious I thought she would come back in a bad mood as her now white outfit is dirty with sand and sea water but I think she saw the funny side of it. Though two broken mobiles and a very expensive camera later I wouldn’t be laughing I would have been crying.

I had a foot massage which was so good I don’t know though if I had sand on my legs or if she had super rough hands as it was quite an exfoliating massage but still it was nice. It was great listening to the crashing waves having a massage I would highly recommend.

Day 13 Friday 11th March Road Town Tortola

I was booked on the North Shore and Pussers Landing tour on an open sided bus with bench style seats. It was a nice journey it went into the hills with spectacular views of the sea and the other nearby islands. The buildings were not as colourful as Antigua in fact everything seemed half finished and I later found out that they were doing a lot of building work on the island. A couple that came ten years ago said there used to be a beach right in the harbour but now they have built it up and in a few years when it’s all finished there’s bound to be even more to do. As you walk out of the port to the left there is an information tourist office and a taxi rank. Apparently the banks only accept £ or US$ as a guy wanted to exchange his eastern Caribbean dollars but they wouldn’t do this. There were lots of chickens running loose with their chicks quite strange seeing them just on the side of the roads. I even saw a few random cows walking about.

We got a complimentary drink at one of the stop of points which was either rum punch, fizzy orange or water.
At Pussers landing the yachts were beautiful there were shops that were selling t-shirts and local tat but nothing special.

When I got back to the ship someone else was being taken away in an ambulance that’s 3 so far that I’ve seen.
Apparently there has been a bit of commotion on the ship this afternoon I missed the drama but heard that someone got quite drunk he had been abusive on the tour and then carried it on the ship he threw a glass which just missed the swimming pool and smashed up his cabin. We were late leaving the dock and it was due to the police being late to take him away. They took him away in handcuffs, I bet he’s gonna be in trouble when he sobers up. Again I don’t know how true this was as I didn’t personally see anything but everyone was talking about it.

Day 14 Saturday 12th Gustavia St Barts / Philipsburg St Maarten

We were supposed to go dock in St Barts this morning but they couldn’t anchor due to the sea being rough, it was quite disappointing to not cross another island off the list and I was due to go on a semi sub to see the fishes but since this has been refunded I have decided to snorkel with turtles in Barbados instead.

They did try hard to get us tendered but safety is the most important factor so we went to St Maarten earlier than planned and they brought our afternoon trip forward to 10.30 which was good as we got there at 9.30 I didn’t fancy waiting around until 4pm.
I did a general tour of the island. There is a French side and a Dutch side, the French side seemed slightly better but the whole island just seemed like a concrete jungle to me with lots of metal containers dumped everywhere. I was slightly disappointed as I had been looking forward to going here as heard it was beautiful but I wasn’t that impressed. If you do the tour however sit on the left side of the bus as that has the best views I was on the right so maybe that’s why I didn’t think it was that pretty.

The lady who collected us from outside the ship to take us to the tour buses was really strict she made us line up which really wasn’t necessary then when we were walking to where the buses were at the end of the dock she said we had to walk in twos and when we got out of line she would shout at us to line up it was funny looking back but at the time everyone was getting agitated waiting at the side of the boat it was in the blazing sun and wanted to get in the shade. There was absolutely no need to do this and at one point I nearly decided to not go on the trip at all but once I saw this lady wasn’t getting on the same bus as me I thought I might as well go but if she had been my guide I would not have carried on. It has put me off booking other trips with the cruise company.

We saw iguanas in trees there were a few chickens running wild again with their chicks. Things did however seem expensive they took us to a market and it was all imported stuff from china apparently nothing is made on the island everything is imported and just usual tat.

I fancied a fresh fruit juice but as we were on the French side it was euros and I didn’t have any on me.

It rained and boy did it come down hard but it only lasted a few minutes. I was slightly disappointed I didn’t get to see the famous beach where the planes fly over real low so I have to go back to this island one day.

Was only 4 of us at dinner tonight, the others had gone to watch the new James bond movie, they had a few movies on during the cruise but I didn’t watch any.

to be continued….

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