U need to go on a cruise right now

I know I’m a bit biased because I have fallen in love with cruising and think everyone should try it. You will either love it or hate it but remember there are many different types of cruise ships out there so if one is not your cup of tea another might be.

There are big ships (allures of the sea has max 6360 passengers, I’m sure I would get lost), small ships (marco polo max 800 passengers), specialist ships like cooking or dancing, adults only, Disney (which would be my absolute nightmare)

For years I was put off by the scare stories :-

1. I didn’t want to get sick
2 I heard food could be bad, there is no popping to the shops would I starve
3. Would rough seas ruin the trip, there would be no getting off if I didn’t like it
4. I didn’t want to get bored, what if there’s nothing to do you can’t go to another resort like when on a land based holiday.
5. It’s so expensive

But 2015 I tried my first cruise after coming across a great bargain on Iglu

As a solo traveller you often get charged double or even more, they say it’s because you won’t be spending much on board but these companies should get savvy that if someone thinks they are getting a bargain they are likely to spend more I personally think I saved money on the cruise I’m gonna treat myself in the bars and shops. If you are happy to pay a price then go for it. I tend to workout the cost per day, way up transport, hotel and food costs if I were to do it online to see if I think its worth it.

I was still quite weak from chemotherapy so a cruise was ideal as it meant I could go to the places I wanted without the hassle of getting there like airport queues carrying luggage etc. My main concern though was still getting sick as have such a phobia but I went to GP stocked up on medication and was totally fine I think I got quite good sea legs. My first cruise was through the Mediterranean leaving from Venice, it was really calm you don’t even know you are moving. The 2nd was Fjords and it was choppy going over from Harwich and the 3rd was Med again but leaving from Southampton and due to a storm in the Bay of Biscay, it was very rough but after a few scary moments like falling out of bed and smashed glasses, it was lots of fun. Though I didn’t think it at the time as being on my own in my cabin at 3am when it was especially rough I was thinking how did Rose get out of the Titanic and was planning my route if it capsized. I’m about to leave for the Caribbean from Bristol I guess it’s going to be choppy going over but I’m really looking forward to that bit, now I know what to expect.

Great things about cruising

  1. Wake up in different destinations, don’t have to queue at airports or train stations
  2. Only have to unpack once its so great to not have to live out of a suitcase
  3. Cruise terminal staff so much nicer than airport
  4. Lots of yummy food, I love trying things I wouldn’t normally order
  5. Entertainment, normally a bit of something for everyone
  6. The rocking of the ship sends me to sleep I have the best nights sleep when cruising
  7. Meeting lots of different types of people (Types of people you meet on a cruise)
  8. Room steward cleans room I don’t have to
  9. Room service when just want to relax in room
  10. Excursions when your not sure what to do in port its all organised for you


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