image 5 great eats in Iceland


Hamborgatabulla tomasar, Geirsgotu 1, Reykjavik

Whilst walking down by the old harbour I came across this little hut that had delicious smells coming from it, it looked really quirky. I went for a plain burger and fries as I was just so hungry and tired I wasn’t feeling very adventurous. I got it to take away but there were a few tables inside where you could eat in. It only took a few minutes and it was cooked from fresh. It was amazing. It was so juicy and tasty I am going to dream of this burger for a long time to come. The fries weren’t the best but they had no salt on and I like loads of salt on my chips and as I took away they didn’t give any sachets though they did give ketchup. It cost about £8

You have to go here if you are near.

Case Grande,  Aegisgardur 2, Reykjavik

This restaurant had great views of the harbour. When I walked in I thought it was going to be really expensive as it looked really classy but I was quite surprised at how reasonable (for Iceland) the prices were. I had pizza, a side salad and 7up for about £20. The pizza was scrumptious. I love the fact that Iceland restaurants bring water to the tables for no extra cost.

Reykjavik fish restaurant, Ingolfsstraeti 8 & Skolavoroustig 23

fish & chips
I had to have fish at least once being on a island that is surrounded by so many. The restaurant is near the old harbour it was clean and the service was really quick. It quickly filled with people so it must have been popular and by the time I had finished the restaurant was nearly full. It was more like a chippy you find in the uk than a restaurant and the menu wasn’t that varied.

I went for the traditional cod and chips with tartar sauce which cost about £11.60. It was one of the best fish that I have ever had and I’ve eaten a lot of fish and chips. It tasted so fresh and the batter wasn’t in the least bit greasy. The chips were more like fries but they were still good.Though I liked the pots it came it wasn’t practical to eat from and even when I emptied it into the bowl it was still a bit difficult to eat.

There was just the right amount that I managed to finish it all and not feel sick with stuffing my face too much. But I had been on a tour all day and not eaten much so was very hungry.


Hamborgaraidjan, Grensasvegi 5-7

This had a good feel to it with excellent music playing and the décor was great. Such an excellent place only drawback was no Wi-Fi otherwise I would have stayed there for quite a while and happily drank a few more beers. This was my first tasting of gull the local lager, it’s really refreshing and I could easily sink a few pints.

Again I went for burger and fries and it too was so yummy, they had lots to choose from I went for a bacon cheese and sour cream topping ooooo my mouth is watering just writing about it. It cost about £16 and well worth it.

I could hear people on the other tables going mmmmm so everyone seemed to be enjoying the food.

Kaffi Duus, Duusgata 10, 230 Keflavik

This restaurant is in Keflavik. It’s by the little harbour and has great views overlooking this and the mountains in the distance. The restaurant is warm and inviting and the choices on the menu were varied and great. It was hard to decide what to have. I went for chicken wrapped in bacon and breadcrumbs with a white wine sauce, veg and jacket potato. It was delicious. With a large beer it cost around £28 which seems a lot but is about average for a meal in Iceland. They had a gorgeous looking dessert cabinet but I was so full I couldn’t manage anything else. One to go to if you’re in Keflavik


  1. When I went to Iceland, my absolute favorite food were the hot dogs from the little stands! They were absolutely scrumptious. I didn’t have any shark, I was deterred by the smell! However, all these places you went to look great. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. […] The food was delicious and the views of the sea were great. I had a wonderful table right by the window. The restaurant is really cosy and the choices on the menu were vast. It was hard to decide what to have. Though quite expensive it was average for Iceland and it was excellent quality food. (See 5 great eats in Iceland) […]


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