image 10 types of people you will find on a cruise

  1. The moaner

Nothing is ever good enough, they see the bad in everything. The thing I can’t understand is people that moan about cruising but they are on their 17th cruise if they don’t like it bloody stop going.

  1. The little princess/prince

Passengers who believe the crew are here to be their personal butlers. Unless you are in a suite and have a butler they are not here to do this. They work hard and they need to be appreciated. Also show some manners the crew are people so treat them like it.

  1. The quiz masters

People that go to every quiz and tend to win every quiz. It actually takes the fun out of it for others and people stop going as they know they’re not going to win anyway.

  1. The I got my cruise at a great price person

Yea great you got a bargain well done but the person next to you could have paid a hell of a lot of money and if you tell them something like this it could end up ruining their holiday just keep this information to yourself

  1. The corridor hogger

Corridors are not very big on ships so if you’re walking down one, walk to one side so people can get past don’t dawdle in the middle. Also walking to one side will help you when you go off balance. Nothing worse than dashing to your cabin as your busting for a wee and everyone is walking so slow.

  1. The Ibenian

I been here, I’ve been there, I’ve been every bleeding where – aren’t you the lucky ones!!

  1. The widow looking for a new companion

Some people come on cruises looking for love, some want friendship some just want to be left alone everyone is different

  1. The money seeker

Who is seeking out the widows to woo for their pennies

  1. The food putter backer

I’ve seen many times people pick put something on their plate and then put it back in the buffet don’t they realise this is such an easy way to spread germs

  1. Dirty buggers

The people who don’t use the hand gel I really want to chase after them and go urghhh. It takes two seconds to use the gel


  1. Haha–I love this! We’ve been on several cruises, and it does seem like you tend to get at least of few of these on every one. 🙂 On this last cruise, it seemed like we had a rash of people in poor health since the boat had to head back to our port one night after 10 hours out in the water and then had to have an emergency stop in Key West on the second to last night. Here’s to hoping that there are less medical issues on the next cruise we go on!

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