image Is aqua massage just another passing craze

I love massages and like to try something different when I’m away so when came across aqua massages in Las Vegas I was dying to give it a go. They looked fun but as these were in the hotel corridor or middle of a shopping centre it kind of put me off as I didn’t want people staring at me.

So when I was on Pier 39 San Francisco and saw a shop set up for them I had to go in and try it out.

I went into the shop and the lady explained how the water jets massaged you. I cant have massage on the upper part of body due to surgery so I just had to position myself further up on the bed so it didn’t go to my shoulders. I discussed this with the lady and she said it was perfectly safe just like being in a shower. You don’t actually get wet as there is a lining between you and the jets.

It was $20 for ten minutes, I’m sure she gave me longer as I was the only one in the shop as it felt like ages and as I was using one more and more people entered and by the time I was finished the other machines were being used, they must of heard my laughing and wanted to give it a try. You lie down on what is like a sun bed, I needed help to get onto it as the bloody thing was high.

You could alter the pressure and press a button to hold the jets in a certain place I kept holding it on my soles of feet as it was making me giggle, it was so ticklish.

You are given headphones which I thought would play relaxing music but they were just to protect your ears from the noise of the water jets.

It was definitely fun and I did feel a bit more relaxed and the next day the twinge had gone in my back but I’m not sure if it was because of this or not, I will have to try them out more but are these pop up shops going to disappear as quickly as the fish eating pedicures that popped up everywhere, I wonder.

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