About me


I love travelling, food, seeing new places, meeting new people, the list is endless.

Things can happen that make you realise how short life can be and you just got to do what you dream of rather than putting it off until another day, year or even decade.

In 2014 I started my life long dream of travelling the world. The year soon turned into a nightmare as one month into my travels they were cut short as I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The thought of finally getting back to travelling helped me through the dark days. Now treatment is over I’m back living the dream, although I have to do things slightly different now due to side effects from treatment I’m not as strong but I’m determined to not let this stop me. My disability may be invisible to others but its there everyday for me in a way though its giving me the push I need to live for the day as you never know if its gonna be your last.

I have just discovered the world of cruising and I love it. My aim is to try as many cruise lines as I can in 2016, 6 down lots more to go. Its a great way to travel especially with having a disability that can affect how I travel. Along with this I have some other plans for 2016/2017 such as

* Cruise booked for USA and Caribbean for October 2016

* Plans for Asia visit Dec 2016 possibly Philippines, Cambodia or Japan

* Im looking at world cruise options for 2017

* I want to raise awareness of travel in the UK especially my home town of Bristol

* Its my mums 60s Oct 2017 so I am planning a holiday of a lifetime for her possibly to Indian ocean or New Zealand & Fiji

I want to share my experiences, offer any advice and generally enjoy my travels. I am about raising disability awareness and will include information in my blog about how to travel with a disability i.e if a place has too many stairs or if its easy to access. Im primarily a solo travel who likes to travel in luxury or comfort but at affordable prices. But saying that I am happy for anyone to tag along with me and I even have two professional photographer that join me on some of my travels.

Im currently studying travel journalism with the London School of Journalism and I am a avid reader of travel publications subscribing to Lonely Planet, Wanderlust Travel magazine and National Geographical Traveller and one day I dream of being published in one of these magazines.


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  1. So glad you are still able to travel and do what you want to do even with these challenges. My mom is also a breast cancer survivor and my heart goes out to you and all those still fighting. Keep traveling and being an inspiration for those still fighting this horrible disease. Best of luck to you!

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  3. Congratulations on being an incredibly strong person what an inspirational story! Cancer and its side effects are no small thing to battle or live with after. Its great to hear of good outcomes to stories that had a bad beginning. I can’t wait to read more (an I have NEVER been on a cruise).

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  4. Hi Jenni from the Stock. Great to meet you on Epic. Can’t wait to read what you think about it and the characters (gulp) you met.

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